The Secrets of Medicinal Mushrooms

Show Notes: The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation: Live It To Lead It – Newport (November 14-17): …


6 thoughts on “The Secrets of Medicinal Mushrooms”

  1. David Wolfe (first time watching him) shows me presentation is everything. He mentions exactly what he has. An energy, aurora, calmness, peaceful.
    Dr Pompa is like alittle kid around him.

  2. Thank you Dr. David Pompa and Dr. David Wolfe for all the info. I am so hungry for more!
    I have one question I would love to have answered by either of you guys:
    What does a healthy diet look like during the winter months for a person that lives up north like Upper Peninsula of Michigan? Am I avoiding things that wouldn't naturally grow and don't store well in my area? So much more to ask but I'll leave it there. Thank you in advance for your time.

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